Broker/Agent New Construction Client Registration

Co-Broke Policy

1. Ramos Builders, Inc. cooperates with active licensed brokers and their active, licensed Real Estate Agents, in regard to securing a Ramos Builders, Inc. construction agreement for their client(s).

2. Active Licensed Real Estate Agents and brokers have six months (extendible) commission protection at all locations after they have physically brought their previously unregistered clients into the Ramos Builders model center and or office. To be eligible for the full sales commission protection, the client cannot be previously registered with Ramos Builders without the broker/associate. If your client has previously registered, referral fees may be considered on an individual basis.

3. Active licensed Real Estate Agents who register their client(s) in our model center or office receive six months of commission protection. Commission protection can be extended an additional 90 days by returning with your client(s) and re-registering anytime within the initial six month period. This provides the Real Estate Agent continuous commission protection. The Real Estate Agent may assign their client(s) to work with the Ramos Builders construction consultant and in doing so will still be entitled to commission protection. NOTE: It is the responsibility of the Realtor to keep track of return dates to ensure client(s) are re-registered.

4. A commission equal to 3% of the Construction Agreement Contract amount, (excluding Seawalls, cantilever docks, wood docks and or Boat lifts. Also excluded will be any pool or spas and corrective measures to the building site over and above the stated fill and grade allowance.) , will be paid to the Co- Broking Office/Real Estate Agent in two equal draws. The first draw (1.5%) may be requested at the first draw as per the construction agreement. The second draw (1.5%) is to be distributed at the second draw.

5. Commission payments will be distributed upon written request. Requests should be faxed to (239-540-3567) or emailed to: Requests received by the 1st of the month are paid on the 15th of the month. Requests received by the 15th of the month are paid on the 1st of the following month.