Veterans Investment Zone

Ramos Builders Supports the Veterans Investment Zone

Ramos Builders wants to thank all Veterans and their families for their service and sacrifice on behalf of our county. The Ramos family is well aware of how military life impacts families. Nancy Ramos, President of Ramos Builders comes from a long line of Veterans. Her father is a Coast Guard Veteran, Nancy’s younger brother was a Captain and Apache pilot in the Army and her oldest sister retired from the Navy with more than two decades of service.

If not for the courage and commitment from these great people, our Country and Freedom would no doubt be compromised. We are grateful for their service. We are also grateful and very fortunate that Cape Coral now has a 220,000.00 square foot state of the art VA Clinic at its disposal. The City of Cape Coral has one of the largest Veteran populations in the state. The City has also established the Veterans Investment Zone (VIZ) which is one of Cape Coral’s new economic development initiatives. The VIZ encompasses the area surrounding the new multi-disciplinary specialty care Cape Coral-Lee County VA Outpatient Clinic in northeast Cape Coral which is due to open later this year.  Because of this new facility and the Veterans Investment Zone, many Veterans have chosen Cape Coral as a place to retire.

We at Ramos Builders are no strangers to working with Veterans. We have built homes that are fully accessible for our disabled veterans and retirees alike. Whether it’s a new home that you wish to build, or remodeling an existing home, we have the experience it takes to get the job done.

Honor us by consulting with us if you are a Veteran or are actively serving in the military and moving to Florida. Whatever your needs are, Ramos Builders is here to help.

On behalf of Ramos Builders and the Ramos family, thank you to all Veterans and family members of Veterans for the sacrifices you have made for our country.

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